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Hello there!!

Today it's a good day for us at, for we are starting a Los Cabos Real estate trends blog.  What for?

Well most realtors like to keep their info on trends secret to get the upper hand.

We at  think releasing this info to the public will educate potential buyers or sellers, also spreading the word will create further interest in ongoing and future projects, benefiting our lovely Cabo in the long run by putting it on the spotlight. 

We will be posting articles on the Los Cabos real estate market and it's growth, as well as options on how to take advantage of this trends.

Information is power and we all should share it!   This includes your opinion too!!

La Playita, in San Jose del Cabo

 There's people who have come to San Jose del Cabo and never visited or even knew about La Playita. Why is it interesting? well for starters is where the Marina is.

What? there is a Marina in San Jose? I thought the marina was in Cabo San Lucas.  The main and world famous Marina of Cabo San Lucas is still there, don't worry, but in 2004 the Puerto Los Cabos project started to build a new marina in La Playita in San Jose del Cabo and it's been working on it ever since. It's current size is currently has 200 slips and accommodates up to 250 foot megayachts so it's kind of a big deal.

animas-bajas-in San Jose del Cabo

Los Cabos Real estate trends: San Jose, La playita and surrounding areas. Part 2

Today we will talk about another trending area which is the Animas Bajas zone north of La Playita and San Jose del Cabo. This is a zone that has been slowly but surely growing in popularity, especially with the people who like nature and peaceful beautiful surroundings away from the mainstream tourism places in Cabo.