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animas-bajas-in San Jose del Cabo

Los Cabos Real estate trends: San Jose, La playita and surrounding areas. Part 2

Today we will talk about another trending area which is the Animas Bajas zone north of La Playita and San Jose del Cabo. This is a zone that has been slowly but surely growing in popularity, especially with the people who like nature and peaceful beautiful surroundings away from the mainstream tourism places in Cabo.


It's really close to the Puerto Los Cabos Marina about 5 minutes from the San Jose main plaza.  It's really easy to get there: Right after getting to the marina you have to travel a couple of miles of dirt road to get to the actual zone.  You'll know you are there when you see the Flora Farms sign,  Flora Farms, El Tamarindo and Acres restaurants are the main atractions in the zone.   This are Trendy organic world class restaurants right in  the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del  Cabo. 

Celebrities and the elite have chosen to dine, wine and vacation in the Animas Bajas area.  There are constantly private  weddings and  high end events in this still untouched zone of the Baja.

 Flora Farms, Animas Bajas in San Jose del Cabo

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  • Flora Farms
  • Flora Farms
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  • Flora Farms restaurant

As we just said Flora farms is the Star of the show. Promoted with the likes of articles in the New York post and sites like the venue report to being site to celebrate private celebrity weddings  . This place is a must visit for people who like the organic way of life.  They even has some villas for sale, some sold already and they are not cheap as one would initially think. Last I heard prices start at the  one million mark,  but there's bad news: The remaining Culinary Cottages and hillside Haylofts are for sale, however only to those who receive a Private Invitation.

There are some Villas for rent too, for $ 1,000 to $1,500 usd per night.  

And since we are a Real estate company we should talk about investment opportunities. This area is a sure place for buying and getting great capital gain in the short-middle term. You can put a touristic spot related to the spirit of the area: It's being promoted as an organic natural high end getaway spot. Something like a boutique hotel wouldn't be a bad idea, Even buying for resale sounds pretty good!

We have one of those opportunities right here, a 1000 sq mt lot 300 mts from Flora Farms, On top of the hill, great view and in a zone with municipal electricity and water at a price that is a steal even by todays prices. So if you are planning to invest in a growing area in Los Cabos here's a golden opportunity. 

Don't let us say "we told you so".

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