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La Playita, in San Jose del Cabo

 There's people who have come to San Jose del Cabo and never visited or even knew about La Playita. Why is it interesting? well for starters is where the Marina is.

What? there is a Marina in San Jose? I thought the marina was in Cabo San Lucas.  The main and world famous Marina of Cabo San Lucas is still there, don't worry, but in 2004 the Puerto Los Cabos project started to build a new marina in La Playita in San Jose del Cabo and it's been working on it ever since. It's current size is currently has 200 slips and accommodates up to 250 foot megayachts so it's kind of a big deal.

 As a result the gigantic Puerto Los Cabos high end real estate project from which this marina is part of started to attract many others investors to the zone, up to the point where we are

today. ?? and where is that?

  • La Playita beach
  • Bridge La Playa
  • Puerto Los Cabos entrance
  • To Puerto Los Cabos
  • Hotel El Ganzo
  • How to get there
  • Puerto Los cabos Marina

Present (April,2018) and future projects in the Las Playitas Area.

The connection from San Jose del Cabo Touristic Malecon to Las Playitas is through the bridge "La playa". 

Here comes the good part: At the end of this bridge. more like between this bridge and the Puerto Los Cabos entrance we will soon have The Los Cabos Caesar's Palace Resort. And also we will also have a little further northeast in what is called the East Cape (more on this soon) the brand new Four Seasons Hotel. How's that for High end tourism?

  If this big Luxury Resort Chains are investing hundreds of millions in the area, it means business is going to grow even more in "La Playita" this creates opportunity for investments if you buy at the right time, and that time is NOW!!

Here come the good news:  around the marina there are still a few raw land opportunities.

Such us these 2 lots on the side column...