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greg-normans-rancho-san-lucas in los cabos mexico

The next golf course to open in Los Cabos is part of the latest Greg Norman's project "Rancho San Lucas" an 834-acre master-planned community located 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas. The course is under construction. But once finshed (in a few months) It will be an 18 hole tour de force.

Some holes are almost ready and advances are visible by the day. In some areas you can already see the beautiful lush grass contrasting with the sandy desert.


The  signature island hole 17 is a sight to behold, we would not do justice by describing it, so we´ll better show you the real thing

  • Hole 17 aereal view
  • Hole 17 Rancho San Lucas
  • Hole 17 drone view
  • Hole 17 a work of art

A short anectode will demonstrate what kind of golf course will this one be. On two of the beach holes the developers asked Greg Norman for a relocation of the holes since the sites were more prone for real estate, that is if instead of the holes some beachfront properties were to be built on site they would sell for quite a few million dollars more. The answer from Mr. Norman to this was to keep the holes in the original planned location regardless, even if it meant less money for the project (Greg Norman is involved in the real estate part as an investor and planner) but keeping the quality of the golf course.

Rancho San Lucas Golf Course Characteristics

Rancho San Lucas Golf Course is utilizing innovative technology and sustainable practices. 

  • For example, sand and other earth removed from the golf course area during shaping is being reused as bases for roads and housing platforms that will surround the golf course.
  • This golf course has paspalum grass wich works great in coastal desert conditions. This type of grass is both drought resistant and likes salt water.
  • EcoBunker’s synthetic revetted bunkers are being used. This is the first course in Mexico to feature the patented technology. This approach will translate into a well-maintained, stable golf course, with little to no downtime necessary for maintenance, a welcome alternative from other sandy beachside golf settings which must be rebuilt on a constant basis, hampering year-round usage.
  • The course will consist of a higher ‘desert section’ and a lower ‘beach/links section’.
  • It's a 18-hole layout with seven holes in dunes, 6 holes beachfront and a signature island hole whose images you can see in the above gallery. It is also notable that there will be views of the sea from seventeen holes.
  • The site’s terrain has been described as gently sloping and ‘creased by deep arroyos and canyons’ by Rancho San Lucas’s director of golf operations Brad Wheatley, who added that the site contains numerous cardon cactus and palo blanco trees.


Based on this we can see and the attention to detail this golf course will have.  So, we´ll see you in a few months there. Oh wait, the Villas and Norman Estates properties are selling like pancakes, if you are interested contact us for more info.

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